June 24, 2016


How do you wash cars without water?

We use a 100% Eco friendly plant based solution that gets sprayed onto your car. This plant based solution helps lift off the grime and dirt off your car, which we gently wipe off using a microfiber towel and then follow up with a buffing process giving you a showroom shine.


Customers MUST check the quality of our work before our agents leave. Our agents will ask you to please check the work and till you are not 100% satisfied they are not allowed to leave. In order to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating and making sure our agents don’t miss anything we request customers to please check the car before our agent leaves. Please check cup holders, windows/windshields for streaking, under seats and vacuuming.

Are you a detailing company?

No, we are not a detailing company. We are a WATER LESS car wash. We will come to you to clean your car inside out. Our quality can be compared to a detail but we will not spend more than 2 hours cleaning your car and charge you $250 +.

I have Stains.

Please be advised that stains created by harmful ingredients like bleach, rust, grease or oil sometimes come out and sometimes don’t especially if they are old. Water stains are notorious and depending on the fabric of your seats sometimes they reappear and sometimes they don’t. The older a stain the more difficult to remove. We try our best to remove all stains but will not start scrubbing your leather or fabric interior to a point where it will damage it further.

I’m not happy with how my car was cleaned. What should I do?

We want every customer to be 100% satisfied no matter what. Our agents will ask you to please check everything before they leave and till you are not 100% satisfied they are not allowed to leave. We understand mistakes do happen sometimes. We are more than happy to send back another team to you to rectify all issues but will charge a $10 travel fees to cover for expenses.

Refund Policy.

Sorry there are absolutely no refunds for any reason. We are more than happy to reschedule you for another date and time for emergences but there are no refunds.

Do you install/uninstall kids car seats?

For safety reasons, our agents are not allowed to install/uninstall kid’s car seats. Some customers leave the kids car seats in the car and we will clean all around it but cannot clean under it. Some customers take the Kids car seats out, which allows us the access to clean under it.

Do you serve my area?

Please call or text us to see if we service your area at 929-260- 3242 .

How long does it take to clean my Sedan/SUV?

Interior and exterior will take around 1-1.5 hour depends on how dirty your car is. Generally speaking, you can expect your car to be cleaned in 45 minutes-2 hours.

Should I tip or tips are included in your price?

Tips are highly appreciated. Tips are not included in the price and request customers to tip our cleaning agent after your service.

How much should I tip my cleaning agent(s)?

It’s up to you. Typically cleaning agents receive a $5-$20 tip per car. Please tip extra if your car is extremely dirty inside or it took more than 2 hour to clean it.

I need to reschedule my appointment. What should I do?

Please contact us by phone at 929-260- 3242.

The cleaning agent is late. What should I do?

Usually cleaning agents will text you if they will be on time/early or late. Sometimes agents can run 15-30 minutes late because of traffic or extremely dirty cars that take more time to finish. Our agents are not allowed to do rush jobs and you can rest assured that you will get the same level of service and quality as all customers. Please be patient and let them know if coming late works for you and if not then we will reschedule you for the earliest convenient day and time for you.

I booked my car wash, but it’s raining/snowing outside. Is my appointment cancelled?

Your appointment will be rescheduled for another day that works for you. Most likely we will contact you first.

Where do you do jobs?

We are a WATER LESS car wash solution so no runoff water/soap mess and no heavy equipment’s. This allows us to do jobs anywhere anytime. Customers call us when at work or gym, doctors appointments & playing golf anywhere anytime.

What if my car is extremely dirty?

We make this decision when our agents get to your location. If you just came back from off roading or your car has not been cleaned for a while and has mold or issues where it will take us more time than normal then either we will NOT clean the car or charge you $50 extra to clean it. Most of the time extremely dirty cars require a second appointment to get it to your satisfaction.

How to prep my car for a good cleaning?

For liability and insurance purposes, our agents are not allowed to move personal items. We request customers to please remove all personal items before our agents get there, especially from the trunk, so we can reach into places and give your car a good cleaning.

What do you do with my garbage collected from my car?

Our agents are trained to keep their work environment clean and to respect customer’s private properties. All agents carry garbage bags when they come to you. Our agents put everything they find in the garbage bag and will leave it in your car for you to go through just in case there is something important. Once you go through it you can discard the garbage.

Exterior bug & sap removal.

If your car has not been cleaned for a while especially for bugs and sap then most likely it has penetrated your paint. We try to remove bugs and sap but if they are old then sometimes they come out and sometimes it takes a few tries. What we will not do is start scrubbing the area which might damage your paint.

Pet hair removal.

If you have lite pet hair in your car then we do not charge for it but if you have moderate to heavy pet hair then we have to take out pet hair first so it does not interfere with the quality of our vacuum. Without taking out pet hair our vacuum will just slide on top of the pet hair effecting the quality of our vacuuming job that we do.